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Introducing Yattery: Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Lately I’ve been working on a new web-based app called Yattery. Yattery is my take on social media marketing–a tool to help businesses track and organize the buzz about their brands.

While a lot of other social media monitoring apps tend to focus on stats, Yattery focuses on organization and action.

The app will help you track what’s being said about you and your products across blogs and Twitter, keep a record of who you’ve responded to and what was said, and keep a list of most active sources that are talking about you–all through a clean and simple interface.

Yattery makes it easy to follow up. You can filter all mentions by “unreplied”, giving you a checklist of mentions to follow up. When replying to a mention you’ll see a history of previous mentions by this source, together with your notes and replies, which provides you with a context to help you initiate real and meaningful conversations.

If you work in a team you’ll be able to invite your colleagues to participate. You can add Twitter accounts for each of your brands, and easily share them by responding to tweets from within Yattery. You’ll also be able to leave comments on people and website profiles if you want to discuss how a response should be handled.

You can use positive mentions to help your business by showing them off as testimonials on your site. Simply mark the mentions you like as testimonials in Yattery, embed a few of lines of JavaScript on your website and those testimonials will now show up on your site (and they can be easily styled with CSS to fit your design). This gives you a quick and easy way to add and update testimonials for your marketing sites.

Interested? Yattery is currently in closed beta but will be released very soon, so please head down to and sign up for launch announcement. I promise not to use your email for any other purpose other than the release notification.

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