My New Blog

I started UsabilityPost a couple of years ago with the purpose of creating an outlet which I can use to write about a subject I am passionate about. I focused on usability because the functional side of design is what interests me most and is something I feel is of most value to today’s designers.

I’m happy with the way the blog has turned out and will of course keep on writing…however, I oftentimes want to write posts on things which don’t really have much to do with design or usability. Unfortunately, I chose a very specific name for the blog, which is both, an advantage and a disadvantage. It’s clear what this blog is about just by looking at the domain, but at the same time, it limits the scope of what should be published.

So I think it’s time for a new blog. I’ve had it set up for a while but haven’t yet done very much with it. I’m going to fix that. To keep things simple, the new blog goes under my surname and is hosted at I’ll use it to post my ideas and observations on various topics like technology, creativity and life.

I’ve not yet done much with the blog’s design–actually, it’s more of an anti-design right now with an absolute focus on content. I like the spartan look as it reinforces the purpose of the page–to make the posts clear and readable–so I probably won’t change it too much, but there is definitely a bunch of stuff I still need to add.

The blog is up and running and it’s a little lonely right now, so if you want to take a look go right ahead. Be sure to leave a comment or two while you’re there.