Paul Stamatiou on the role of motion in modern design: Read more

Interface Moss

A rolling stone gathers no moss.1 Read more

Hollow Icons

Curt Arledge ran a user test to find out whether hollow icons perform any different to solid icons. Hollow icons are an icon aesthetic popularized by iOS7 – … Read more

Design Trend Predictors

Joel Unger approaches the blurry, semi-transparent window aesthetic, recently introduced in iOS7 and now making its way to OS X Yosemite, from the standpoint of evolutionary biology. He … Read more

The Share Icon

Min Ming Lo analyzes the various designs of the share icon currently in use. He concludes: Read more

Tobias Frere-Jones on Apple's Choice of Helvetica as a UI Typeface

Co.Design asked Tobias Frere-Jones of Hoefler & Co. to give his thoughts on Apple’s choice of Helvetica as an interface typeface for the upcoming OS X Yosemite update: … Read more

Safari Buries the URL

Google has recently been experimenting with burying the full URL of the page you’re at and showing just the domain. Yesterday Apple unveiled their next installment of the … Read more

On Styled Form Elements

Anthony Colangelo makes the case for letting the browser and operating system decide how form elements should be styled: Read more

The Scroll Up Bar

A design pattern that is currently growing more popular is the fixed position bar at the top of the page. Sometimes the bar stays the same throughout, sometimes … Read more

How to Do a Wikipedia Redesign

Unsolicited redesigns are fun. They’re also always criticized for their superficial approach that only takes care of surface level problems. Developers at Raureif have done yet another redesign … Read more

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